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System Integration

We Provide An End-to-End Broadcast Integration Services for Television Installations, OB trucks & DSNG Vehicles And Studios.

Systems integration for television and broadcast requires attention to detail and a vast range of skills and experience, which is exactly what we offer here at FABT.

We specialise in everything related with broadcast and audio-video production from A to Z such as Earth stations including uplink, Studios, automation systems ,OBV, design and consultation services, also working closely with the client to provide technical furniture for the new production, Vision and Audio studios.

Broadcast integration made simple

Our goal is to make the integration process simpler for customers by providing all the services you need for any broadcast projects, without out-sourcing.

We control all aspects of production, which reduces time-scales and costs, and ensures exceptionally high-quality results.

We deliver everything our customers need – from consultancy and training to chassis supply and shipping assistance.

Our systems team travels globally to supply on-site systems and support worldwide.

Systems integration excellence as standard

Now with more than 10 outside broadcast vehicles, 60 post-production suites, 35 studios and more than 20 MCR/TX facilities delivered, and more than 6 Television Station was been built by FABT in the Middle East & Africa, FABT provides integration excellence as standard.

Room Planning And Furniture Construction

Rooms, equipment and interior design – they need, to be coordinated in order to achieve optimum outcomes. With our room planning for new buildings and conversion, we are able to make the most of building design – for people as well as in terms of technology. The basis for our planning services is provided by analysing floor space requirements and defining the communications structures required to achieve optimum visual links, room interconnections, work processes and short paths.

  • Status analysis, planning and spatial concepts
  • Interior and workplace design
  • Acoustics, simulation and room equalisation
  • Lighting mount structures
  • Large-screen technology and FABT solutions
  • Design, development and production of control room and studio furniture
  • Planning and racks for technical equipment rooms
  • Air conditioning, heat extraction and power supply
  • Installation, integration and cabling
  • Mechanical modification to the vehicle used in our projects

    Finecut studio furniture from Future Art combines timeless design with suitability for everyday use and ergonomics. Experienced teams of planners, designers, carpenters and metalworkers ensure these standards are met for every order. They work hand in hand to produce first-class furniture tailored exactly to the spatial constraints, the specific working environment and operating concept.

    When machining and producing furniture, we attach great importance to the highest levels of quality and minimum tolerances. This quality standard runs like a common thread through the entire production chain. We use our expertise, cutting-edge 3D visualization technology, planning skills and creativity to ensure that our furniture provides the perfect symbiosis of form and function.

    Why Future Art :?

    • Full-service integrator for the development of cross-media infrastructures
    • Strong in implementing broadcast IT projects
    • Substantial expertise in performing IT transformation and digitalisation processes as well as in setting up file-based network infrastructures
    • One-stop design, planning, integration, commissioning and technology support
    • Excellent knowledge of professional products at all technology levels of a media company and their market
    • High expertise in programme and project management of large infrastructure projects
    • Design and planning of spatial concepts for fixed and mobile installations
    • We supply turnkey systems as an experienced technical prime contractor
    • Global competence in the implementation of a wide range of technology projects
    • Professional systems cabling and installation
    • We offer complete design for you Studio control room/ Master control room technical furniture and fir out service from scratch to full functional working control room.
    • After sell services and support.