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Model: LL LC5781
Chromakey backgrounds are widely used in still and video setups in which a background will be digitally added later. Lastolite Chromakey muslin background curtains are available in blue or green, or reversible blue-green, in 2 sizes. Your choice of blue or green will depend on the predominant colors in your main scene...
Model: LL LB7622
The chroma key green 13’ Panoramic Background from Lastolite has a crease-free textile surface. It features a collapsible, 3-panel aluminum framework that creates a self-supporting wraparound structure. The frame snaps together with elastic contained within the framework's tubing. The fabric clips to the aluminum frame. This background system is suitable for shooting large groups for weddings, prom nights, and event photography. The frame collapses down into its own zippered case...
Model: LL LR2933SW
The unique and compact Triflector MKII Frame + Silver/White Panels are versatile and easy to use. The three Trilite white/silver panels can be placed on a separately purchased light stand and used with an optional overhead light to give the subject distinctive catch lights in their eyes. It's widely used in portrait and fashion photography.Trilite's hinge mechanism makes all three panels individually adjustable to get the light exactly where you need it. The panels each fold like the collapsible reflector panels. The frame folds away and they all fit into a portable bag.Unique qualit..
Model: LL LR3631
Enhance your subject's lighting environment with the Lastolite Sunlite/Soft Silver TriGrip collapsible reflector. This model is a ailver for crisp, clear light and white, for a softer fill.The TriGrip replaces the traditional round reflector with a unique triangular design with a built-in handle. The TriGrip's comfortable handle allows for easy manipulation of the reflecting panel with no stand or support needed -- especially useful when you are working alone. The Tri-Grip measures ~30" (75 cm) at is widest point, and is also available in the following colors: Sunlite/Soft Silve..
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