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 For.A MV-1620HSA 3G/HD/SD/Analog Mixed High-Resolution Multi-Viewer (16-Channel, Dual-Screen Output)
Expected Availability 2-3 Weeks
Model: MV-1620HSA
The MV-1620HSA 3G/HD/SD/Analog Mixed High-Resolution Multi-Viewer from For.A is a multi-viewer that accepts up to 16 channels of mixed 3G/HD/SD-SDI or analog composite signals for monitoring on one or two screens. It can be cascaded with other units to display up to 64 sources at once.In addition, the MV-1620IF Interface Card and MV-1620DO Reference Input Expansion Card (available separately) can be added for GPIO, serial control, and input of analog audio, AES audio, and genlock. The MV-1620 Multiviewer offers a customizable window layout, audio level meters, and AFD-compa..
 For.A MV-4200 3G/HD/SD/Analog/HDMI/DVI/RGBHV Mixed High Resolution Multi Viewer
Expected Availability 2-3 Weeks
Model: MV-4200
The MV-4200 3G/HD/SD/Analog/HDMI/DVI/RGBHV Mixed High Resolution Multiviewer from For.A comes with eight 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and four 3G/HD-SDI and four HDMI outputs.The modular design of this 2RU multiviewer allows you to expand the total inputs to up to 68 analog or 8 analog and 24 DVI inputs by adding separately available input cards. The MV-4200SDI card has twenty 3G/HD/SD-SDI analog composite inputs and up to 3 of these can be added to the MV-4200. With three MV-4200HDMI cards installed (each with eight DVI inputs), you get a total of 4 3G/HD/SD-SDI and 24 DVI inputs. ..
Model: FA-9520
The For.A 3G/HD/SD Dual Channel Multi Purpose Signal Processor is suitable for a variety of applications including master control, mobile production, post production services, live production, and more.This processor supports 3G-SDI, HD/SD-SDI, and analog composite I/O signals. In addition to its functionality as a frame synchronizer, it also provides up/down/cross/aspect converter, full color corrector, and AVO (Automatic Video Optimizer) as standard features. It also supports optional features such as analog component I/O, Dolby E encoder, and Dolby E decoder.Dual Channel ModeThe FA-9520 pro..
Model: FA-1010
Frame synchronizer equipped with an array of essential functions used in video production and that allow multi-channel routing (10-input/10-output video). Supports 3G-SDI and HD/SD-SDI input/output as standard and includes all typical FS and CC (standard) features. Highly versatile audio signal processing capability with delay adjustment and remapping functions plus a sampling rate converter. Combining these varied options allows a single unit to provide optimal functionality for all video production scenes, including those used in transmission, outside broadcasting, news reporting, production..
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