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Designed for mix engineers and producers looking for tactile control of their DAWs, the Icon Pro Audio Platform M+ is a modular control system with eight faders, one master fader, eight rotary knobs, transport controls, and more. It connects to your computer via USB, using MIDI protocol to control channel levels, panning positions, and other mixing decisions. On each channel you’ll not only find a 100mm motorized fader with 10-bit resolution, but also backlit buttons to quickly mute, solo, and record-enable your tracks.The Platform M+ features software and drivers that allow it to interface wi..
The Icon Pro Audio Platform Nano is DAW control surface designed to provide a compact solution for hands-on DAW mixing and navigation. Ideal for producers, musicians, and engineers, it features a touch-sensitive motorized fader, five rotary encoder knobs, and a host of function buttons that allow quick access to your DAW's parameters.Its backlit LCD screen, illuminated buttons, and multi-segment time/value LEDs further enhance efficiency and ease of operation. Quickly scrub, search, and zoom with the convenient jog wheel. Customize the control surface's functionality by utilizing the supplied ..
The QCon EX G2 Control Surface from iCON is an extender for the QCon Pro G2 control surface (sold separately). It can be used to provide eight additional channels to your QCon Pro system allowing you to expand your system to 32-channels with three QCon EX G2 extenders.Whether you're tracking or mixing, the QCon EX G2 provides intuitive tactile control over your session. You can set levels, fine tune your EQs and effects, record automation, and even punch in and out of recordings with your fingers. Other features include: eight motorized faders, eight multipurpose push encoders, and two foot-pe..
The QCon Pro G2 Control Surface from iCON is an eight-channel universal control surface with Mackie Control and HUI emulation to support most major DAWs. It can be used for tracking or mixing and provides intuitive tactile control over your session, which allows you to set levels, fine tune your EQs and effects, record automation, punch in and punch out of recordings, all with your fingers.The QCon G2 sports nine motorized faders, eight multipurpose push encoders, 78 buttons, jog shuttle wheel, and 2 foot-pedal connectors. Twelve-segment LED level meters are provided for each channel, and a la..
The QCon Pro X from Icon Digital USA is a USB MIDI-controller station allowing you hands-on control of your DAW via 8 touch-sensitive motorized faders, 8 encoders, a touch-sensitive motorized master fader, jog wheel, and transport control. Each of the 8 channels additionally features Record enable, Solo, Mute, Selector, and Monitor buttons for further control. You can further assert dominance over your DAW via 18 assignable buttons and nine illuminated and assignable MIDI-function buttons.The QCon Pro X connects to your Mac or Windows computer via USB, and sports integrated Mackie control for ..
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