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 Autocue/QTV Master Series 17" Teleprompter
Model: MON-MSP/17SDI
The high-bright Master Series 17" Teleprompter from Autocue/QTV offers easy-to-read prompting for a variety of environments, even outdoors at a reading range up to 20'. The LED-backlit Maser Series monitors provide a 70/30 beamsplitter, 1280 x 1024 resolution with 1500 cd/m² brightness and a 1000:1 contrast ratio.Lightweight and slim, the Master Series prompters feature tool-less adjustment with flexible camera mounting, a dimmable tally light, low power consumption, and hinged frames on the separately available hood options. Use the prompter with the free, downloadable QSt..
This is a Pair of 12" Telescopic Rods from Autocue/QTV designed to facilitate mounting of your teleprompter system. Connect the rods directly to your fluid head to forgo the use of a mounting plate. The rods are lightweight yet sturdy and are easy to disassemble. Their use does not affect camera position...
The Autoscript 17" Teleprompter from Autocue/QTV is a professional solution for teleprompting with PTZ cameras. The package provides an extra-wide hood assembly to allow considerable movement of the camera within the wide beam splitter glass, enabling up to 60° of pan and 15° of tilt at full zoom. The PTZ camera is fixed with a 1/4" camera screw included with the adjustable MT-RED mounting plate. Both 1/4" and 3/8" holes are available for mounting the unit to camera support, making the package pedestal and tripod mount ready...
Model: MON-TFM/22/001
The Autocue/QTV 22" Talent Feedback Monitor is a widescreen SDI monitor for Autocue's Master Series teleprompters. A new mounting system enables conveniently attaching the monitor right below the teleprompter to let on-camera talent see their presentations live.The monitor features HD-SDI, DVI, VGA, S-Video, and Composite inputs and an HD-SDI output. The native resolution is 1920 x 1080 HD and contrast ratio is 3000:1.The OSD adjustment menu allows selecting color temperatures between 5500K and 10000K and a user-definable color within this range, and gamma is selectable between 3.0 and 1.8. As..
Autocue/QTV ESP-MAN/PSP17PKG OverviewThe 2x17" Manual Conference Stand Package from Autocue offers a total solution for facilities looking to introduce conference teleprompters to their setup. In order to allow the positioning of one prompter on either side of a podium, and offer the speaker a continuously visible script as they scan the audience, this package includes two manual stands and two Professional Series 17" monitors, QPro software, and a travel case for storage and transportation.The Manual Conference Stands are designed for corporate conferences or other events where a speaker is a..
Model: ESP-MAN/PSP17
Autocue/QTV ESP-MAN/PSP17 OverviewThe Manual Conference Stand with Professional Series 17" Monitor from Autocue / QTV is an executive speech prompter system designed to meet the needs of presenters and public speakers. The system is often used in pairs. The stand itself is paired with a Professional Series 17" monitor to achieve superior brightness and and image-reverse functionality.Professional Public SpeakingUse this system to bring a new level of professionalism and quality to any public speaking engagement.Invisible AidThe use of this system goes unseen by audience members and gives the i..
The 7" Telescopic Rod from Autocue / QTV can be connected directly to a fluid head, allowing you to forgo the use of a mounting plate. This rod is lightweight yet sturdy and easy to disassemble. Use of the rod does not affect the camera position.Teleprompter Pedestal MountingUse this telescopic rod to facilitate mounting of your teleprompter system...
The CAT5/6 USB Extender from Autocue/QTV is a USB encoder/decoder extender via CAT5/6 Ethernet...
The Digital Clock Display for Master/Professional Series Teleprompter from Autocue/QTV mounts to the hood of your Master or Professional teleprompter and displays LTC time in the presenter's eye-line. You can chose to display VITC time as well.50' of visibilityDisplay time in 12 or 24 hour format: hh:mm:sssDisplay date in mm:dd:yy or dd:mm:yy formatUp/down counter mode controlled with RC500 controller (sold separately)PM indicatorAdjustable brightness levelsAll functions are controllable via USB-11.5 to +12 hour time zone offsets in 30-minute incrementsSyncs to IRIG-B and SMPTE, EBU non-drop f..
The Autocue/QTV Digital Cue Light Kit is a full-sized, digital tally/cue light kit for all Autocue Master Series teleprompters 12" and above. It provides a digital display for the camera number, from 1 to 9, and switches from red to green display when going on-air. The unit mounts directly to the tally platform on the Master Series hood.Note:The Digital Cue Light Kit is not configured for direct attachment/connection to Autocue molded hoods or LED monitors, and would require optional DIY solutions, such as hook-and-loop touch fasteners and proper cables/adapters.Included ItemsDigital tally lig..
Model: MT-CW/EXT
The Autocue/QTV Extendable Counterbalance Weight includes a counterbalance weight and two screw-in rods that allow mounting an additional four plates. The main plate attaches to an optional Autocue Pro Plate or Gold Plate...
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